Coco’s Yin to Bentley’s Yang: Non-dualism

Bentley Button and Coco Pop are my 2 endearing little lop-eared bunnies. They found love shortly after Coco lost her little sister Lola, to a heart attack in 2013.  After numerous bun-dates (yes this is a real thing) Coco chose Bentley to be the Yang to her Yin. And that’s exactly what they are. Polar opposites in colour and personality, yet they are complementary, interconnected, interdependent and can rarely be found separate from each other.

These little Zen masters have opened my eyes to see what unconditional love is in action and last week they made the concept on non-dualism click. This ‘aha’ moment was hiding in plain sight. We live in a society that operates in the realm of duality. Good-bad, day-night, pretty-ugly, innocent-guilty. And though we judge or are judged somewhere on a sliding scale between a pair of opposites, we rarely stop to think that we can’t have one without the other. Opposites are relative to each other, and therefore are ultimately expressions or appearances of one essential reality, one universal truth.

And there it was, my mind was blown. 2 little fuzzy fluff balls, living and breathing the non-dualism of Yoga. Not sweating the small stuff, embracing each other as they are and living a life full of love, truth and peace. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me! Since then I have found a little more sthira and sukham (steadiness and ease) on my life path. And while I may never be the Zen masters that Coco and Bentley are, I am beginning to feel freer, more connected with people and my surroundings, less bothered by contradictions and more self-aware. Does that sound like a sweet deal to you too? Book a Nourish Yoga class today!