Asian Sensations with ZenFlow

I’m proud to announce that I’m off to South East Asia as ZenFlow’s brand ambassador to shoot at some of the world’s most beautiful and tranquil destinations. ZenFlow is one of the hottest new Yoga mat brands on the market. It’s “Air” is made out of natural rubber and is free from PVC, LATEX and other synthetic rubbers.

Not only is the “Air” delightfully light and eco-friendly, the open cell natural rubber makes it one of the grippiest mats I’ve laid my little paws on. The 4mm provides enough cushion for your knees and if you don’t like too much grip, flip it over! Fabulous for travel, sweaty sessions, and any home practice, it was the Air’s versatility and sleek looks (why aren’t all mats made with rounded corners?) that won my heart.

Their online store is coming soon, so it won’t be long before you can grab one for yourself and some for your studio. In the meantime visit their facebook page to stay in touch.

Our first stop is Singapore! I’m no newbie to the place, but it still excites me to see the mish-mash of cultures, people and national pride. It’s beautifully clean, the people are polite and sometimes you can forget you’re in Asia. Like Australia, Yoga in Singapore is trending. According to a study completed in 2014, it is the 10th most regularly practiced sport in Singapore behind activities such as jogging and swimming. Yoga studios are popping up left right and centre and you can even attend a class in a salt cave, which takes the health benefits of your Yoga practice to the next level!

Next stop, my home, Malaysia! Follow me on my Asian adventures via facebook and the Nourish Yoga blog.