The Motherland with ZenFlow: Malaysia Boleh!

Having moved to Australia from Malaysia when I was 2 years old, you could say that I’m a fully fledged Aussie. Close your eyes and you would swear I was Australian, and I am, but every time I land in Malaysia this sense of relief washes over me. I instantly feel at home. There is something about the smell, the temperature and density of the air which feels like a welcoming, warm hug. Which got me thinking, where does this sense of ‘home’ come from? Do we need to be at home, or somewhere that feels like home to feel this sense of stability and ease? Or can we find it within ourselves no matter where we are?

And then it occurred to me, isn’t this why we hop on our Yoga mat? We practice our Asana to find stability and ease so we can bring these principles to the rest of our lives. So we can feel at home within ourselves. That’s why I keep returning to the mat.

I am a self-confessed lazy traveller. Especially when it comes to my Yoga practice. No mat, no asana practice. But lucky for me, I have one of the sleekest new natural rubber mats from ZenFlow following me around as I travel. I have to admit the thought of lugging a Yoga mat has prevented me from bringing one in the past but ZenFlow’s ‘Air’ mat makes it easy and painless. Now I have no excuses and no matter where I go, I can feel at home on my Yoga mat and at home within myself.

I must admit, the naturally consistent warmer climate is perfect for practicing Yoga. For me, I feel instantly more grounded and the millions of Malaysian’s who practice Yoga must agree. With several dedicated Yoga associations and a wide range of Yoga teacher training, it seems like Malaysian’s take their Yoga seriously.

Next stop, Ho Chi Minh! I’m looking forward to the challenge of finding some stillness in a city that is famous for it’s chaos. Stay in touch by following my blog. See you in Vietnam!