Bathing in the Bliss of Bali

I made it! After almost a month of travelling I finally made it to finish line in blissful Bali. I must say before I set out on this trip Bali was never on my radar. Even as a Yogi. The thought of hoards of tourists trawling the streets and beaches didn’t spark great interest. But after visiting Bali for only 3 days, I can definitely see why it has such a wide appeal. And to be honest, I’m hooked. Under it’s undoubtedly beautiful exterior of beautiful beaches and lush greenery, lied a place that truly touched me. The people are the most friendly I have ever come across and I felt the spirituality floating in the air.

By this stage of my trip I needed some serious one-on-one time with the beach. The hectic streets of Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh, the constant rain and plane rides had taken its toll and it was time for rest. So that’s what I did. 3 full days of nothing but lying on a beach chair, eating, drinking and swimming. And it was exactly what I needed. That was my Yoga. There was a little voice in my head telling me I SHOULD go and see more of Bali and I SHOULD be more social, but I’m so glad I chose to tune in to what I needed rather than what I thought I should do.

So my challenge for you is to catch yourself the next time you say the word ‘should’ and see if you can discern if the ‘should’ is something that will serve you in that moment or if it is an expectation you have placed upon yourself. And over time this discernment and honesty with yourself may take a little load of your shoulders and help you lead a more truthful and fulfilling life.

Bali will be there for next time. And from what I saw, there will definitely be a next time. Thank you all for following my travels throughout South East Asia and for ZenFlow for making it all happen. If you have any queries about my adventures or Nourish Yoga classes, please contact me by emailing See you all back home in Melbourne!