What is Yoga?

Yoga For YouYoga, directly translated means ‘union’ or ‘to yolk’. The practice of Yoga consists of numerous physical, breathing and mental exercises to still the fluctuations of the mind in order for us to see things clearly and objectively. Though the ultimate goal of Yoga is enlightenment, we here at Nourish Yoga believe the power lies in its ability to deepen our relationship with ourselves and with others. It builds physical and mental resilience and helps peel away those unhelpful thoughts and habits to reveal that we are perfect just the way we are. Yoga adopts a holistic approach to health and wellbeing to make a lasting impression on every aspect of our lives.


Physical postures designed to nourish and prepare the whole body to find a comfortable seat. The fundamental principle of Asana is to find steadiness and ease within our body and mind to develop a higher internal awareness – to feel embodied. The majority of a typical Yoga class will consist of Asana.


Breathing practices which control the flow of energy throughout the body. This flow of energy ‘prana’ replenishes our physical and subtle layers. If practiced correctly under the supervision of a qualified teacher, Pranayama brings harmony between body, mind and soul, leaving you feeling balanced and nourished.


The yogic practice of connecting to the deepest part of you. There are a wide range of accessible meditation techniques designed to help you observe and explore the world of your thoughts and feelings, to go beyond to an experience of true peace and contentment.