Yoga for you

Yoga for youYoga is a highly personal practice. And we believe a great Yoga class is one that is tailored to the needs of the individual. No matter what stage of life or state of mind you’re in, Nourish Yoga can help you find a Yoga for you.

Yoga has many therapeutic benefits. It speeds up the recovery time of injuries but more importantly encourages self-awareness to prevent injury. Yoga has scientifically been proven to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

To make sure that you get the most out of Yoga, we recommend that you book in 1 – 2 sessions per week for at least 8 – 12 weeks. Classes can be conducted to suit all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. We’ve got 3 types of classes for you to choose from:

Group Yoga Classes

Perfect for sporting clubs, workplaces or a group of friends. Group classes allow for social interaction, and can be tailored to all levels of capabilities. These classes can be run in your own space or we can organise a space near you. Don’t have your own group? You can join one of Nourish Yoga’s General level classes in Brunswick or Ivanhoe.

Semi-Private Yoga Classes

Suitable for groups between 2 – 4. Enjoy personalised attention and share the experience of yoga with like-minded people and/or people you know. Semi-private classes are a great way to gain confidence with Yoga in a small group rather than a group class. These sessions can be run in the comfort of your own home.

Private Yoga Classes

Private instruction can be beneficial for every Yoga practitioner. Whether you’re a beginner, have therapeutic needs or are short on time, private sessions allow for us to examine your specific needs and co-create a practice that addresses your specific goals. These sessions can be run in the comfort of your own home.

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